Second Tabernacle Beth El, Charlotte

Second Tabernacle Beth El, Charlotte

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Evangelist Seth Johnson, Local Pastor
2816 N. Graham Street, Charlotte, NC 28206
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About the Pastor

One could probably say that the idea of Elder Seth J. Johnson (B.K.A. “Elder Seth”) becoming a minister one day was established during a period in the early seventies when his grandfather, the late Elder Daniel Johnson, would bring him along as a toddler on trips to various tabernacles such as Philadelphia, PA, Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ.  Many could probably also say that Elder Seth’s destiny as a Minister was sealed by his grandfather.

Elder Seth J. Johnson was ordained by the late Rabbi Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr. on January 2, 2004 during the Holy Convocation in Belleville, VA. He served as an Associate Minister in his home tabernacle located in Baltimore, Md.  Elder Seth served in that capacity until July 2010 when he moved to Charlotte, NC.

In Charlotte, NC, he served as an Associate Minister until he was called to Southern Pines, NC as the Minister-In-Charge in October 2012. He was appointed as the Local Pastor of Southern Pines, NC during the 2013 Passover in Belleville, VA.  Elder Seth was later sent back to Charlotte, NC as an Associate Minister. He served in that capacity until the 2017 Assembly, when he was made the Local Pastor of the Charlotte, NC Tabernacle.

Elder Seth was appointed to the Board of General Tabernacle Trustees at the Passover of 2016 and later appointed as Assistant to the Southern District Evangelist at the 2018 Passover by Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil.

Elder Seth is an avid reader and can often be found with a book in his hand. He has had several Sabbath School lessons published for the Department of Religious Education for the Church of God and Saints of Christ and has also contributed articles to the online gospel magazine “KD Gospel” – Letter from the Pastor.

Elder Seth is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Metaphysics.  He is constantly seeking that universal truth that will foster transformation in mind through human betterment, true fellowship and deeds of kindness. Elder Seth has been married to Sister Elder Cherise M. Johnson for 9 years and they have two children, Seth, III and Patricia Johnson.